Bridge Alternative Housing is Committed to Supporting your Housing Needs.

Bridge Alternative Housing will help provide the following services.

Why choose Bridge Alternative Housing?

We are committed to being a strong support system, enabling you to get back on your feet, pursuing your long term goals and ambitions.

Daily support

Our support workers provide daily support for all tenants.


We promote healthy living and provide easy access to quality healthcare.

Balanced lifestyle

We do our best to provide our tenants with a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Mental health support

We provide mental health support through our network of experts.

Enjoy Exceptional Peace of Mind

We put 100% of our time and effort to provide a quality living environment.

24/7 Emergency Contact

We are available around the clock to try and support your needs.

Committed Support Staff

Our support workers and fully quality and committed to helping you.

Promoting Independent Living

Our support is aimed at helping you live independently.