We help you create the best version of yourself.

We are committed to providing our tenants with exceptional support across Birmingham and the south of England. 

Who We Are?

Bridge Alternative Housing Solutions Limited was created out of the passion of its founder to help those who are vulnerable. Our aim is to provide many types of support to those individuals struggling to cope with mental health issues, those affected by domestic violence, those in financial crises due to unemployment, and those who are homeless.

We not only provide accommodation for our tenants but assist them in finding work, enrolling and participating in education and training opportunities and also help to settle domestic violence sufferers who may require specialised aid.

We currently have locations in the Birmingham area, as well as the south of England.  We are committed to adding more locations in the near future to further our commitments to helping as many vulnerable people as possible.

Sometimes all you need is someone to reach out and tell you it is ok to ask for help

Our commitment

We are committed to helping our tenants become the best version of themselves. We create a safe space that will allow our tenants to flourish, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Our goal is to be a stepping stone for those in need of help, to stabilise their situation. We want to provide assistance and support that will eventually allow our tenants to transition back into their lives, feeling stronger and more efficient than when they came into our care.

Our leadership team

As a team, we have over 30 years of experience and a depth of understanding from working with the NHS. Working within the health sector, we encountered many vulnerable people who needed more diverse assistance than the medical help they were already receiving.  Many were also struggling with issues both mentally and financially as well.

Our passion for the holistic approach to the work we do comes from those experiences we have encountered.  This is why we at Bridge Alternative Housing want to help tenants with their situation by assisting and empowering them to take charge of their future.